PHOTO | I'm Back!

It’s been over 2.5 years since I’ve had the time and headspace to a) take pictures for fun, and b) actually share them with anyone. 2016-2018 has been full of master’s degree adventures, freelance ups and downs and ups, and an incredibly busy schedule as part of a creative agency. A new shift in career, this time at the British Heart Foundation, has renewed my energy for the craft (amazing what time, energy, and emotional space can do), so it’s been pretty awesome to get back to the sheer love of taking pictures and recording bits of footage, just for me. I’ve recently upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark IV, too, so of course I have to play around lots!

Here are two faves from a recent jaunt around my neighbourhood park, Hampstead Heath—can you guess who my inspiration was for the second picture? It just happened in front of me: the yellow van, the sideways light, and the husband, of course, who will by now quite willingly just cooperate once directed. So happy to be back! More soon.